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Cogent: Nuclear

cogentThree interrelated strands of work to ensure the skills are in place at the right time for the Nuclear industry.

The Cogent Nuclear project will support the declared new build programme to 2025 which equates to the workforce demand needed to deliver three London Olympic builds.  Without the assured supply of skills the penalty for delay can be as much as £2m per day for a nuclear build.

The 3 elements are:

  • Development of nuclear industry labour market information (LMI) into a dynamic Workforce Planning Model (WPM)
  • Extension of the Nuclear Industry Training Framework (NITF) to embrace the Nuclear Supply Chain
  • Embed essential Future Skills into industry new entrants, through a nuclear specific work experience programme (Nuclear Island) and provide inspiration to individuals looking to enter the industry through clear information (Career Pathways)

Return on Investment

  • Development of a Workforce Planning Model to produce the forecast of skills needed in all sectors to support nuclear new build and continued operations
  • Development and deployment of the standards on the Nuclear Industry Training Framework leading to a 20% increase per year of Nuclear Skills Passport registrants and mobility of the Supply Chain across the nuclear industry
  • A nuclear ready workforce will be enhanced by 10% of the annual nuclear new entrant requirements being provided with practical nuclear safety behavioural standards and industry awareness through the Nuclear Island project

The Career Pathways will improve the attractiveness of the nuclear industry by increasing the information, advice and guidance available to prospective new entrants.  The number of unique hits to be increased by 10% from a baseline of 4,500 per month.

UK Commission investment:  £1,077,021
Employer/Other Investment:  £300,000
Employer/Other in-kind investment: £2,247,000

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