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Financial Skills Partnership: The Hidden Powerhouse

sfp1With this investment, Financial Skills Partnership will develop a foundation college, pre-employment programme, internships and an employment pathway, which will recruit unemployed graduates and fast track their employability into Small and Medium sized Enterprises.

This investment will also help develop an SME toolkit which includes competency frameworks, online performance management system and skills based e-learning.  The project will address the need of SMEs requiring ready access to information and bespoke advice enabling quicker decisions to invest in skills. 

Return on Investment

  • 675 graduates achieve first module qualification and work placement, with opportunity to fast track into jobs
  • 360 SMEs engaged in work placement programme
  • 4 new competency frameworks developed
  • On-line learning modules and performance management system developed
  • SME toolkit developed, incorporating new frameworks and modules

UK Commission investment   £993,067
Employer/Other investment:  £394,600
Employer/Other in-kind investment: £448,750

Further Information
For more information about this project contact:

Website: Financial Skills Partnership

Contact:  Contact FSP 

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