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Institute of the Motor Industry: Increasing current competence levels developing a new approach to upskilling the automotive technician population

imiThis IMI project will increase current competence levels through the development of an Assessed Outcome Modular (AOM) approach to re-accreditation for all routes within the Automotive Technician Accreditation (ATA) scheme.

The investment will also provide greater access to Automotive Technician Accreditation and professional registration via continual acquisition of new skills and broaden the react of ATA by delivering new modules to more subsectors.

Return on Investment

  • Provide employers with assessed outcome modules to up-skill and ensure their technicians remain current to meet the rapid technological advancements in the sector
  • Extend AOM approach to the remaining 6 ATA routes building on the EIF 1 supported 2011 developments, with a resultant take up of increasing the number of registered technicians to 42,000 from the current level of 28,000 by 2016, representing 26% of the technician workforce
  • Further extend the reach of ATA with the development of two new ATA routes by 31st March 2014

UK Commission investment   £413,596
Employer/Other investment:  £100,000
Employer/Other in-kind investment: £276,290

Further Information
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