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Skills for Logistics: Professional Logistics

sflThrough ‘Professional Logistics’, Skills for Logistics will drive employer ownership of the professionalisation and attractiveness of the sector by laying the foundations for the development of the UK Modern Logistics Guild (UKMLG).

The foundations for 'Professional Logistics' are:

  • The Professional Development Stairway (PDS) a free web-based career development framework.
  • Employer bond, a funding system using bonds from large employers to underwrite loans to SMEs for apprentice training.
  • Operating model for the UKMLG, the products, services and commercial model of a body which will raise standards in the sector.

Return on Investment

  • PDS will be a career development framework which is recognised by the sector and which can support itself through sponsorship.
  • 100 employers and sector experts will contribute to a study on the demand for an employer bond. The viability of the resultant proposed model will be tested through consultation with 50 SMEs to ensure it will deliver a return on investment if it were put into operation.
  • The operating model for UKMLG will focus on creating a self-sustaining organisation which is influential in the development of skills in sector, and capable of attracting a wide membership.

UK Commission investment   £678,012
Employer/Other investment:  £0
Employer/Other in-kind investment: £272,400

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