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Skillset: Creative Intelligence (in collaboration with Creative & Cultural Skills)

skillsetThrough 'Creative Intelligence' Skillset (in collaboration with Creative and Cultural Skills) will deliver labour market information, research and evaluation enabling employers across the UK Creative Industries to better plan for, invest in, and measure the impact of skills and talent interventions.

The investment will provide a comprehensive programme of data analysis and primary research that will provide intelligence fundamental to understanding the industries, identifying their needs and supporting their growth.  The current definition of creative industries used by official data sources will be revised and will this by working with Creative and Cultural Skills in partnership with DCMS and NESTA.

Return on Investment

  • Employer access to research on the impact of interventions to help refine and develop these.
  • Essential intelligence that fills the knowledge gap left by official data sources; providing detailed information to support the development of skills action plans for sub-sectors and nations.
  • Unique intelligence on the supply of training provision and its impact on employment outcomes to inform actions to increase the supply of UK graduates with the skills employers need.
  • Channels for regular engagement with employers and individuals provided by the research panels to inform and support employer collaboration and develop careers advice and guidance.
  • The collaborative analysis with CCS will provide robust and replicable data that can be updated regularly. It will provide a baseline for current performance of the industry from which future performance can be forecasted; enabling employers to plan for and invest in future solutions.

UK Commission investment   £1,035,990
Employer/Other investment:  £550,000
Employer/Other in-kind investment: £202,946

Further Information
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