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Careering Through The Web

Careering through the WebThis publication, commissioned by the UK Commission for Employment and Skills, improves our understanding of the uses and potential of the internet for providing career development and career support services. The analysis within this review provides a summary of current internet resources as well as suggestions that may help inform future UK Commission recommendations on the topic.

Careering Through The Web (PDF, 344 Kb) 
Published July 2010

This publication highlights the role of web literacy in determining how much benefit people derive from the internet when making career choices or seeking support. It highlights the role of metadata and online communities in sifting and highlighting the array of information available. Trends towards a multiplicity of online communication formats and increased online interaction are also discussed.

The UK Commission has been charged with identifying effective methods for improving the provision of careers information, advice and guidance. This publication serves to introduce and analyse some of the key topics relating to the internet’s role and potential in this task.

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