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Working Futures 2007-2017

evidence report 2Working Futures finds that despite the current crisis in both the world and the domestic economy, a more optimistic picture is projected for the labour market over the long term to 2017. Employment is projected to continue to rise over the decade as a whole, with the creation of 13.5 million job openings, of which two million will be new.

Working Futures 2007-2017. Evidence Report 2 (PDF, 7.8 Mb) 
Published December 2008

Working Futures 2007-2017 is the third in a series of reports which provide a comprehensive review of the implications of technological change, changes in government policy and legislation, and changes in other economic and social drivers for the UK labour market.

It presents a detailed analysis by industry and geography of the changing demand for labour. The projections are set into an historical context in order to compare the outlook for the next decade or so with recent experience. Working Futures 2007-2017 is provided by the UK Commission for Employment and Skills on behalf of its partners in the project (LSC, DIUS and Regional Development Agencies).

The report fills an important gap. No other publication provides such a comprehensive picture of the UK labour market. Although a number of other public and private organisations produce reviews of economic conditions and develop short and medium-term forecasts, few are focused on the labour market, and none provides such a detailed analysis of prospects for occupations by industry and geographical/spatial area.

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