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Helping individuals succeed: Transforming career guidance

Helping individuals succeedGood career guidance has the potential to raise aspirations and broaden horizons. This report identifies the characteristics of effective career guidance, the role of new technologies in enhancing this and the part that government and national agencies might play in securing greater quality and impact from the public investment in career services.

Helping individuals succeed: Transforming career guidance (PDF, 321 Kb) 
Published August 2011

Currently, the public sector focuses primarily, or solely, on careers provision that it funds or can influence directly through contracting.  The central proposition in this report is that governments and their agencies should think more creatively about how they can develop effective mechanisms to work with wider stakeholders to ensure they meet individual needs and deliver policy goals. 

People are already using a wide range of careers support offered by the public, private and voluntary sectors.  If governments could broker relationships between public and commercial and voluntary organisations to harness their innovation and expertise, we believe there is real potential to enhance services in a cost efficient way.

Although our proposals are aimed mainly at governments and public agencies in the UK, this report and the extensive evidence base that sits behind it are relevant to a much wider audience. It is the culmination of a number of pieces of supporting work including expert papers on a range of topics related to career guidance and technology available online through the UK Commission website.

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